Praised for his “poetic and sensible playing”, award winning European Guitarist Dr. Sam Desmet performed in Asia, Europe and the United States, interpreting nineteenth and twentieth century repertoire.

With his first CD study < > study, European guitarist Dr. Desmet promoted and recorded guitar etudes and compositions of renowned composers such as Leo Brouwer, Angelo Gilardino and Simone Iannarelli, who praise the cd as an example of his refined musical personality.

Together with Chilean flutist Emilio Rutllant Dr. Desmet formed the ‘Wabi Sabi duo’ and advocates compositions where both instruments show their potentiality and are equally represented. Therefore, goes back to the true meaning of chamber music.

As a soloist and chamber music enthusiast, Dr. Desmet has performed in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Taiwan and the United States. 

Listened. It’s good – you have quite the musical insight. Thank you”
— Angelo Gilardino, Musicologist, Composer

He assisted, reviewed and proofread Concerto pour Guitare et Petit Orchestre opus 155 by Belgian composer Jean Absil which was published in 2009 under Italian label Berben upon request of musicologist Angelo Gilardino.

Together with Dr. Gonzalo Gallardo, Mr. Desmet translated and published Solfėges and Vocalises Op. 195 by Ferdinando Carulli based on manuscripts of 1822-6. It may still be the only tutor intended for guitarists to read, sing and play two lines of music simultaneously. The edition is published in 2012 by the Canadian label Production d’Oz.

“Your playing is beautiful, full of sensibility, I really love your work.”

Simone Iannarelli, Guitarist, Composer

Dr. Desmet studied music performance and music pedagogy at the Royal Conservatory in his home country Belgium and graduated with highest distinction for guitar. Over the years, Sam had additional training through Master classes and individual lessons with Leo Brouwer, Alvaro Pierri, David Tanenbaum, Denis Azabagic and Thomas Johnson. Other major teachers include Yves Storms, Bruce Holzman Johan Fostier and Filip Rathé.

Dr. Desmet currently teaches guitar at Stetson University (FL, Deland)

You are right in that many etudes can be beautiful music to include in one’s concert repertoire. You are a very musical player, te felicito!” — Luis Zea, Guitarist