Eduardo Martín – Canción de Diciembre

The Last Notes of 2021…

Canción de Diciembre by Cuban composer Eduardo Martín is a short piece I played as an opening for my Russian debut concert.

In the hopes to somewhat lift up the spirits, I decided to record and release the single during the Winter break of 2021-2022 in the middle of a world pandemic,

After all, ‘Diciembre’ is a month where a lot of people tend to look back, but also perhaps have new hopes for what’s coming. So until further notice… Celebrate everything!

Departure of a year welcomes so many new memories.”
— Munia Khan, Bangladeshi poet


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What to listen for

This short piece has a ‘DA CAPO‘ form, which is a musical term used to describe the overall form of a composition. It’s roughly translated into ‘from head’ or ‘from the beginning’.

Listening to the composition, about halfway through, one will notice it takes us back to the opening theme (the head). Once repeated, a CODA (tail part) follows and finishes the piece with a ‘tambora‘. A playing technique where the palm of the hand slaps the strings next to the bridge, creating a percussive effect that is often described as emulating a heartbeat. 

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