Guitar and Dance: Glass Dance

Art has the power to unite and connect in times of crisis.”
— Audrey Azulay, head of UNESCO

The following video is the result of an international collaboration between guitar and dance improvisation that started during the global pandemic. Click on the ‘theme and variations‘ thumbnail to find out about our 2nd project together.

More information about all the artists involved can be found underneath.

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The Composer

Philip Glass is an American composer and pianist. Glass’s music is often labeled as minimalistic with repetitive structures.

This ‘opening’ piece is part of a larger composition called ‘Glass works’, which brought the composer’s music to a wider audience.

Listen carefully for the 2 ‘voices’. Guitar 1 is repeatedly playing two notes (higher register) per beat, while the second guitar is playing three notes per beat (lower register).

The Dancer

Mary Katakura is a freelance dancer born in Tokyo, Japan where she started her first ballet classes at the age of 3.

Prior to relocating to Paris, she danced at the Budapest Dance Theatre with whom she performed in many European countries.

Her improvised choreography in the video is one of her many collaborations with different art forms over the past few years.

The Musicians

The arrangement served as an opening piece for a contemporary music concert series in Miami, FL. I used 2 guitars (original solo piano) to emphasize both voices and the variety of color.

My duo partner, guitarist Federico is a prolific composer who often explores various forms of interaction (performers and electronics, pitch and rhythm,…). As a performer, he promotes new music for the guitar.

This recording is a result of a friendship that started 7 years ago.