FMEA invites Dr. Sam Desmet

Dr. Desmet immersed himself in a full day dedicated to the guitar, collaborating with various ensembles and orchestras at the Florida Music Educators Association’s Guitar Day.

Held at University High School, this open event welcomed members of the public to witness these performances, clinics and workshops. Attendees were treated to invaluable insights and recommendations from esteemed clinicians, offering invaluable guidance to the students.

Utilizing musical examples and interactive exercises, Dr. Desmet fostered a collaborative environment, sometimes even involving the audience.

These sessions weren’t just about refining rhythm accuracy; they delved into the nuances of time and key signatures, unlocking pathways to enhanced articulation, phrasing, dynamics, and musical expression.

Gratitude is extended to Carmen Acquino, Chris Perez, FMEA and president Jason Locker, University High School, volunteers, students, ensembles, teachers, and fellow clinicians whose collective efforts culminated in the resounding success of this enriching event!