Duo Kithaulos at University of Central Florida

At the beginning of 2022, Dr. Garcia reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in forming a new guitar-flute duo.

Other projects / concert commitments kept me from starting a new chamber group at that point. The following Summer, I was able to free up some time and met up for coffee (and of course, chocolate cake) to talk ‘repertoire’.

A new beginning…

After rescheduling to mid October due to hurricane Ian, duo Kithaulos performed music by: Claudia Montero, Isabelle Aboulker, Frederic Devreese, Ferdinand Rebay, Leo Brouwer and Roberto di Marino and closed the concert program with an encore by Manuel de Falla.

Thank you!

Thank you everyone who came out or listened online and joined us at the beginning of our new and exciting journey. We had a great experience performing together, and are looking forward to sharing more with you. 

Already we have recording sessions lined up besides a TV appearance and several other concerts. 

Stay tuned!