Vicente Asencio: Sonatina

Catalonian composer Vicente Asencio (1908-1979) wrote the sonatina as a homage to Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757)

The 555 keyboard Sonatas by Scarlatti, tend to be written in binary form (A-A-B-B). A form that was associated with ‘dances’ during the Baroque era. As a tribute to the prolific composer, this sonatina (published in 1964) also follows this form:

A1: (0:12)

A2: repeat – (1:03)

B1: (1:54)

B2: repeat – (2:56)

Throughout the piece, Asencio often uses tuplets (pairing of simple and compound rhythmic figures), which builds a sense of elegance, yet at the same time feels ‘patriotic’.